CCC Sweatt Schoolhouse Restoration Project

If you have been to Carroll Cave you have probably met or camped at the Schoolhouse. The one-room Sweatt Schoolhouse was built in the 20’s and named after a local family that owned the land. The Sweatt family settled in the county in 1844 and John D. Sweatt was a Captain in the Union army and a representative in the State Legislature. Additional records will be provided by the Camden County Historical Society.

The CCC has finally started the long planned restoration of the schoolhouse. With encouragement from Greg Fry, the current owner of the schoolhouse, we plan to restore the original look and ultimately use the attic space for a bunkhouse. Hopefully the project will also improve community relations. Terry DeFraties is leading the restoration that started with four cracked concrete walls and floor. With donated recycled lumber from Terry’s deck business and two one-thousand dollar ear-marked donations, from George R. Curry (Bill Copeland’s father-in-law) and Kay Hines/Honeywell, we started the first phase of the project 11/8/08.

After four weekends of work, in less than ideal weather, Terry DeFraties, Randy Bruegger, Bill Copeland, Doug Feakes, Greg Fry, Bill Gee, George Gillis, DJ Hall, Rick Hines, Jeff Page, Bill Pfantz, Ed Simmons, and Aaron White have completed a weather-tight flat roof. The roof is covered with a rubber sheet (EPDM) that should keep the schoolhouse dry until the final pitched roof is built. Temporary plastic coverings over the windows and door will provide protection for campers this winter. Next spring the original windows will be rebuilt and a door (similar to the original door Greg described) and a wood stove will be installed.

Additional donations and labor will be required to complete the project. If you can help please contact Terry DeFraties (theerustbucket@ or Rick Hines (rickhines@aol. com). A potbelly stove is high on the wish list. School desks, slate chalkboards or other 1920 era school items would be appreciated.

Terry DeFraties & Rick Hines