From: Bob Lerch <>
Subject:  Carroll Survey Plans, April-June 2005

I wanted to send out the plan of action for the next three months.

April: we will camp at the Round Room and continue pushing main Upper Thunder, work on side passages, and work on stream level in the main passage, too.

May: push lower thunder with at least two teams leap frogging downstream as far as we can go. If we have more than three teams, there will be plenty of side passage work to do in any section of the cave.

June: camp at Jerry’s Cairns and continue pushing lower thunder. We will have side passage work to do in lower thunder as well.

The key for camping to be worth it is to survey both Sat. and Sunday. July is up in the air right now. Most likely, there will be many of us at the NSS convention. I’ll be out of town the last two weekends in July, but if someone wants to coordinate a survey trip in July, that’s ok with me. For the April and June trips, you do not have to camp to participate, but day trip folks will need to get a trip leader and apply for a permit (meaning you must have 4 people).

Let me know if you have comments or questions.

Bob Lerch