With Vertical workshop
October 4, 5 and 6, 2002

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Arrived Friday night about 7:30pm to find a fair size gathering by the fire pit back of the schoolhouse. After a clear and cool night the 8:00am start time fell back to about 8:40am. We found 47 cavers at the fire pit by start time. Those cavers came from 6 different states. Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Iowa.

The CCC survey committee of T. Lounsbury R. Lather and R. Bruegger did a short intro to the course.  Lounsbury and Bruegger did an Introduction and review of CCC survey standards and policies for Carroll Cave.

A short example of survey team dynamics or what not to do by Lounsbury, Bruegger and Lather brought us to breaking the group into beginner classes, transit team classes and bookman skills.

Lawrence Ireland did a nice section on common animals likely found in Carroll Cave. Lawrence gave out a nice hand out talking about Invertebrates and Vertebrates and other things to look for.

With three groups of 4 to 5 people for the beginner class, we recruited from the more seasoned surveyors to help with the new folks. Many Thanks to Tom Panion (MVG), Joe Ray (MOLES), Emily Frank (MOLES), Jim Terry (MOLES) and Chris Cearley (TROG).

Around noon it was grab lunch and get your cave gear ready. Then it was off to Perkins cave and Joe cave for the in cave session for the less seasoned of us to get up to speed. Thanks to the land owners for letting us use their property.

After the proper waiting time everyone was treated to a great meal by Pedgie Heinz, Tina Lounsbury, Lorely Lather and Monica Long for the great cakes.

About sun down Rodney Tennyson had the assembled group on the edge of their seats with his slide show of great sights in Arkansas caves.

Day two, Sunday found most up early to a wet and noisy morning with large storms in the area. Thanks to the Camden Co. fire dept. that let us use the new fire station to do our vertical workshop out of the rain. And thanks to C. Wagner, G. Miller and T. Defraties for putting it on.

This weekend orientation was well attended by a large group from many areas of the Midwest. We made many great contacts and spread the word about CCC. As a side note we had 8 people join CCC.

Report by Randy Bruegger