This message contains graphs shows the full year of stream level graphs for 2010. Some explanation is required.

The rainfall graph is composed of three data sets. The line sections that go down indicate where the data changes from one set to the next. You have to visually “stack” the three sections of the graph to see how the rainfall accumulated over the year.

Rainfall is shown as a cumulative total. When the graph is going up, it is raining. A horizontal graph is no rain.

The graph for the Carroll River logger has a long flat spot in the middle, running from late May through early October. The flood in mid-May knocked the logger off of its anchor and up onto a rock shelf. The result is the logger was out of the water for that entire time.

The spikes in the cave air temperature graph are from handling the logger while downloading. Ignore them.

  • 2010-CarrollRiver.pdf
  • 2010-CaveAirTemperature.pdf
  • 2010-OutsideAirTemperature.pdf
  • 2010-Rainfall.pdf
  • 2010-ThunderRiver.pdf
  • 2010-UL2Stream.pdf