Perkins Cave

Perkins Cave – Camden County

Located in Camden County, Missouri, Perkins Cave has many natural bridges and striking passages. Situated in a Gasconade dolomite bluff, the cave is more than 2000 feet in length. The long winding main passage has an abundance of short side passages, domes that are enlarged joints and right angle bends.

Out of sight of the owner’s residence, this privately owned cave was vulnerable to trespassing and vandalism. The owner and the Missouri Caves & Karst Conservancy (MCKC) entered into a management contract in 2003 and Perkins Cave became the site of MCKC’s first cave gating project. Installing a gate at the cave entrance put a stop to vandalism and trash accumulation. And, since the gate installation, visitors have reported an increase in cave life.

How to Obtain an Access Permit

MCKC has established a liberal visitation policy for this Camden County cave. For permit requests, please contact Perkins Cave Manager at .

If you have questions about our organization, would like a permit to visit an MCKC managed cave or need help managing a cave on your property, we invite you to contact us.