Mill Creek Cave

Located in the Mill Creek drainage area in Pulaski County, Mill Creek Cave is quite close to Allie Spring Cave. A gate was installed in the cave’s large, low entrance to protect the cave from trespassers, vandals and looters in 2014 and the Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy (MCKC) began managing the cave for the owner.

Mill Creek Cave Entrance
Mill Creek Valley
Mill Creek
Mill Creek Cave has a low crawlway entrance that opens into wide, walking height,  past some dirty, dry stalagmites that are now awaiting restoration. While the cave does have some active dripstone here and there, they are few and far between. There floor is red mud for much of the way and eventually becomes a muddy crawlway. Despite Mill Creek Cave’s entrance being so close to Allie Spring Cave, the two caves appear to have never been associated with one another. Mill Creek is higher on the ridge and the two caves, at best, only parallel one another (if not point in differing directions).

Survey Work Completed in 2015

A low-detail map which the MSM Spelunkers’ Club created in 1964 indicated roughly 1,000 feet of passage, not including what club members believe to be an uncharted lead that runs “about 300 feet to end.” In May of 2015, further field survey work was done resulting in a final length of 1725 feet for Mill Creek Cave.

Visits to Mill Creek Cave

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