Board Meeting Minutes

11:00 AM, July 23,  2005

Mid County Fire Station, 148 North Hwy 5, Camdenton, MO


       Before Meeting

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  • Attended by

    • Bill Copeland – President

    • Randy Bruegger – Vice President

    • Jeffrey Crews – Secretary

    • Rick Hines – Treasurer

    • Bill Gee – Board Member

    • Terry DeFraties – Board Member

    • Jeff Page – Board Member

    • Tom Grant – Observer

    • Andy Isbell – Observer

    • Mike McKinney – Observer

  • Treasure’s Report

    • $4943 in the treasury

    • $310 is earmarked to be spent by rescue

  • Old Business

    • Sauna should be done by October – November, Mike Hartley

  • School House

    • Terry will find out how much it will cost just to get a roof on.

  • New Business

    • Rick Hines made a motion to require the survey committee to provide a plan of action for the next year within 2 months.

    • Motion seconded by Terry DeFraties

    • Motion carried by simple majority with 4 votes in favor.

  • Committee Discussions

o        Membership (Randy Bruegger)

    • 96 members in good standing

    • Database is working good

  • Cave Radio (Randy Bruegger)

    • Roos radio will talk just fine but will not be able to used for locating due to an automatic gain incorporated into the hand held CBs

    • Earl Hancock will provide his radio for locate work

o        Access (Jeff Page)

    • There have been a total of 224 participations this year on 75 trips

    • There have been significantly fewer trips this year than last by this point.

    • Committee will work on missed memberships and recruitment

o        Rescue (Terry DeFraties)

    • A winch will replace current haul system.

    • A new pulley system above hole will be installed to facilitate the safe hauling of packs up the hole.

o        Restorations and Conservation

    • Continue trail building to water Barrier

  • Acres for America (Tom Grant)

    • Tom Grant explained the process for applying for a grant to Acres for America for the purchase of land above Carroll

  • 12:57 Break

  • More Acres for America discussion

  • Meeting Adjourned

  • Members Meeting was canceled due to a lack of participation by the Membership at large

    • Ron Lather and Lawrence Ireland attended and were brought up to speed on Acres for America proposal

Minutes by Jeffrey Crews