Goodwin Pit Cleanup 2013

In 2012, MCKC ventured where no one else dared —into Goodwin Pit to tackle what is possibly the largest sinkhole cleanup in Missouri to date.

By January 2013, Goodwin Sinkhole looked dramatically different from the way it looked in January 2012 and, in fact, how it has looked for the last 60 years. Below, the photo taken by Jon Beard on the left shows the area on the right side of the cave entrance was blocked by a wall of sediment mixed with tires, trash and dead tree trunks and limbs. Jon Beard also took the photo on the right in nearly the same spot, eleven months later in November 2012. Note the geotextile placed on the sink floor next to the cave entrance to prevent soil from eroding back into the cave.

MCKC members and volunteers from grottos, schools, civic organization and soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood removed 43,760 lbs. of trash, 7.37 tons of tires (that were hauled away and 200 plus more tires that were stockpiled for DNR pick up) and 2500 lbs. of metal from Goodwin Pit in 2012.

Goodwin Pit filled with tires and trash, January 2012Goodwin Pit, November 2012, with trash removed and geotextile laid to help prevent soil erosion into the cave.

Approximately 100 tons of material stockpiled in the sinkhole

In the fall of 2012, as volunteers worked on Goodwin Sinkhole project, including the area in front of and a little way into the cave, we ended up having to stockpile the trash-laden material in the bottom of the sinkhole.

Volunteers empty buckets of trash-laden sediment from the cave and bag trashStockpiled material in Goodwin Sink


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Visit the Goodwin 2013 Gallery to see photos of progress volunteers have made so far this year.

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