Goodwin Pit - 2013 Progress

In 2013, we removed an estimated 350 tons of clean fill, 94.64 tons of trash-laden material and almost nine tons of trash during 12 work days with a total of 195 volunteers. From February 11, 2012 through December 31, 2013, a total of 29.82 tons of trash, 1.25 tons of metal and 7.37 tons of tires (and more than 200 stockpiled for future DNR pick-up) were removed from the sinkhole.

From February 16, the first 2013 workday at Goodwin, to March 16, 2013, in addition to getting trash-laden material of the sinkhole, volunteers enlarged the drain in the cave enough to handle three inches of rain that fell in the area overnight on March. 16. See images in photo gallery for March 17, 2013.

On February 16, 2013 we had lots of great help from Fort Leonard Wood soldiers, LOG, SPG and MVG grotto members and Missouri Master Naturalists. Volunteers concentrated on digging inside the cave.

Visit the Goodwin 2013 Gallery page to see more photos.

Wall of trash in Goodwin Pit CaveVolunteer clearing drain


Volunteers bagging trash and removing buckets of sediment from Goodwin Pit Cave

Bill Heim and soldierdigging in the drain

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