Cleveland Cave, St. Clair County, Missouri

Located on private property, Cleveland Cave was the first documented cave in the county and is also the longest one at just over 2000 feet in length. The cave is used for recreational, educational and scientific purposes. To prevent further vandalism, the cave was gated and MCKC began managing it for the owner in 2014.

Cleveland Cave Fossil
Angel Hair

Restoration Work in Cleveland Cave

Vandalism in Cleveland Cave included extensive graffiti defacing the walls. Volunteers have spent countless hours of work to remove unsightly spray-painted graffiti.

Cave Visits by Permit Only

The number of visits to the cave each year are limited. If you are interested in visiting the cave, you may contact the Cleveland Cave manager at

If you have questions about our organization, would like a permit to visit a cave that MCKC owns or manages or you need help managing a cave on your property,