2006 Stream Flow Project Report

The ZIP file linked below contains the data that was collected during 2006. This was the year we started the stream flow project, so the data is a bit spotty. It does not cover the full year. 2006-CarrollCaveStreamFlowDownload
7 January 2023 – Data logger service trip

7 January 2023 – Data logger service trip

Permit number 2023-001 Participants: Bill Gee (trip leader)Nathan TaylorMike KovacsCandace KovacsChloe Kovacs Time in = 9:10am, time out = 3:15pm This is a regular trip taken in early January to download data from all of the stream flow data loggers in Carroll Cave....

9 July 2022 Data Logger Service

Participants – Bill Gee (trip leader)Martin CarmichaelBecca MarlinTyler MarlinOlivia Trussell Time in = 9:30am, time out = 2:30pm Trip report by Bill Gee This is the semi-annual service trip for the stream level data loggers. Twice a year I download all of the...