Carroll Survey 10/24/02 brief report by Tom Lounsbury

The trip leaders will publish detailed reports on the two-team survey trip and the Tom Lounsbury intro trip later. A brief summary of the survey progress by Tom follows.

The survey team is preparing its detailed trip report. It should be exciting with a mix of emotions. The t-survey puffed out after an additional 80′ (wish I would have known that). The side passage work has begun. Survey UL1 (Convention Hall passage) is the first left-hand side passage from the CCC entrance. Over 300′ of good data was collected and several high leads were noted with “booming passage above.” It will take two maybe three long trips to get the baseline up to station UL1. Ron, you will be standing in water so dress appropriately and choose your help wisely. We have as of now all the primary new inexperienced surveyors qualified for integration into our current experienced teams. Avoid placing two newcomers on one team at all cost Dec 7th. I do not want the burden of the survey teams being training; it should always be the collection of q! uality data. Two newcomers are just too much distraction and abrades the smooth flow of survey teamwork.
The UR1 survey is up high about a 300′ past the round room (I think) and goes 30′ wide and 12′ high. It’s dry and nearly virgin. The survey team maintained one trail at all times through here and were wishing they had something to mark the trails with, (survey has no funds for trail tape and does not agree that flagged trails are the best way yet, waiting on trail marking guidelines from the board or Preservation committee?) It resembles the Tim McClain passage I was telling you about earlier in the year. The survey stopped after 400′ due to time restrictions, they learned a great lesson on this trip and they are getting there Carroll legs if you will, and have realized they must set there time out much later. They are very strong cavers and could easily handle the 18 hour trips the survey may soon demand. Bill Gee was the newcomer on this crew and did remarkably well and was a great asset to the team. The six man survey crew came out at about 11:00 PM and was served h! ot chili prepared by Tina and Peddgie. By Tom Lounsbury