Date:_9/6/02_____ Time Entered:_9:35am______ Time Exited:__2:54pm _

Area(s) of Cave:___Upstream Thunder_____Survey Stations Referenced:___U13_________

Trip Leader: ___Ben Miller__________________CCC Access Approved:_____Yes________

Team Members: Andy Lerch, Robert Lerch, Ben Miller, Roger Brown__________________

Purpose of Trip

___X_ Survey

_____ Science/Research

_____ Restoration

Brief Description: The primary purpose for this team was to identify and clarify exact location of streamway meanders. They were advised to split into two teams and split up. One team was to run a few hundred feet upstream from station U13 and the other two man team was to go downstream. The team was very succesful in picking up the detail that was needed to give great definition to the passage. Both teams were working in very close proximity to one another and they were all less than 1000′ from the CCC entrance. This trip provided much needed experience to everyone involved. Ben Miller and Andy Lerch are excellent bookman and are an assett to the survey of Carroll Cave.