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Carroll Survey II 10/05/02

Jeanna Tennyson, myself, Jeremy King and Paul Woods were the second of two survey teams that entered the cave. Having the rope rigged straight down the middle of the dug shaft, I learned that should not sling anything over your shoulder, but should have it hanging beneath you while on rope. We were all soon on bottom, sopping wet from the ribbling spray that cascades down the walls of the shaft. We only went a couple of hundred feet from the entrance before beginning our survey of the upstream Thunder River Passage. This began off the T-Junction as a 30 ft. tall wildly meandering canyon, 12-20 ft. wide on the bottom and somewhat wider up high. The floor was commonly bare limestone under 2-3 ft. of water. Mud is on every surface above the water line, laid there by the occasional mega flood that must back up from far down the main river passage. Formations occured throughout the passage, but were usually just vague shadows way up high, one fine example of a Showerhead formation occured...

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Carroll Survey 10/05/02

Carroll Cave Conservancy Trip Report Form Carroll Cave, Camdenton Co, Missouri Date:_10/5/02____ Time Entered:__11:00am___ Time Exited:_3:30pm_____ Area(s) of Cave:__Upstream_____________Survey Stations Referenced:__u13___________ Trip Leader: __Jeramy King___________________________CCC Approved:_Yes_________ Team Members: Purpose of Trip ___X Survey _____ Science/Research _____ Restoration Brief Description: The primary purpose of this survey trip was to traverse upstream through the water passage. We located u13 and began our traverse there running the meanders for correct placment and location of water channel. We started the utm series at u13. We traversed 883' and ended the survey for that day in going passage at station utm20. JK

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Survey Orientation 10/5/02

TRIP REPORT CARROLL CAVE CONSERVANCY SURVEY TEAM ORIENTATION WEEKEND With Vertical workshop October 4, 5 and 6, 2002 (click here for pictures) Arrived Friday night about 7:30pm to find a fair size gathering by the fire pit back of the schoolhouse. After a clear and cool night the 8:00am start time fell back to about 8:40am. We found 47 cavers at the fire pit by start time. Those cavers came from 6 different states. Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Iowa. The CCC survey committee of T. Lounsbury R. Lather and R. Bruegger did a short intro to the course.  Lounsbury and Bruegger did an Introduction and review of CCC survey standards and policies for Carroll Cave. A short example of survey team dynamics or what not to do by Lounsbury, Bruegger and Lather brought us to breaking the group into beginner classes, transit team classes and bookman skills. Lawrence Ireland did a nice section on common animals likely found in Carroll Cave. Lawrence gave out a nice hand out...

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Carroll Survey, 09/06/2002

Date:_9/6/02_____ Time Entered:_9:35am______ Time Exited:__2:54pm _ Area(s) of Cave:___Upstream Thunder_____Survey Stations Referenced:___U13_________ Trip Leader: ___Ben Miller__________________CCC Access Approved:_____Yes________ Team Members: Andy Lerch, Robert Lerch, Ben Miller, Roger Brown__________________ Purpose of Trip ___X_ Survey _____ Science/Research _____ Restoration Brief Description: The primary purpose for this team was to identify and clarify exact location of streamway meanders. They were advised to split into two teams and split up. One team was to run a few hundred feet upstream from station U13 and the other two man team was to go downstream. The team was very succesful in picking up the detail that was needed to give great definition to the passage. Both teams were working in very close proximity to one another and they were all less than 1000' from the CCC entrance. This trip provided much needed experience to everyone involved. Ben Miller and Andy Lerch are...

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Carroll Survey 09/05/02

Date: 9/5/02 Time Entered:_9:00am_____ Time Exited:_3:55pm ____ Area(s) of Cave:_Upstream Thunder River Survey Stations Referenced:__u13___________ Trip Leader: _Paul Woods_____________________________CCC Approved:___yes_______ Team Members: Bud Beeson,_Mike Beeson,_Mathew Beeson, Paul Woods______________ Purpose of Trip __X__ Survey _____ Science/Research _____ Restoration Brief Description: The primary purpose of this trip on this date was the extension of the t survey west from u10. We surveyed 225' of very difficult passage extending west from u10 to t3. MB

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9/1 2002 Carroll Survey #1

9/1 2002 Carroll Survey #1 by Tom Lounsbury Thanks go to Bill Howard, Tom Lounsbury, Jeremy King, Ron Lather, Peddgie Heinz, Greg Buckley and Lorely Lather We came we saw it kicked our ass. The survey team gathered Friday night at the schoolhouse for some preliminary rest and relaxation. I was running late because of the billions of people all wanting to escape Kansas City at exactly the same time. Stopping by to see Rick didn't help. Jeremy and myself arrived to find everyone had just gone to bed minutes before we arrived at 11:00pm. We showered and drank some beer and crawled in bed. Everyone was up at the crack of dawn and anxious for a warm breakfast and cup of coffee. We arrived at "Eat" the local diner in Montreal around 6:30am. We had made several good local contacts here in the past few months and the word was spreading fast about my curiosity with sinks in the area. Several local men invited me to come and get GPS locations when I was ready. I got their numbers and we were...

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