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Carroll Cave Maps

A collection of maps from the Carroll Cave survey project. Some of these represent work in progress. Sheet D5_6-17-2023 Downstream Thunder from DL7 entrance to the Lake Room and beyond. Carroll D1 7_9_23  Downstream Thunder River from near Thunder Falls almost to Jerry's Cairn.  Includes Black Rock Riffles and The Forevers. Carroll D4 7_13_23  North end of DL7 side passage.  Includes Confusion Creek and Bartertown areas. Carroll U1 6_13_23 Upstream Thunder River from the ladder (T-Junction) to the UR1 entrance.  Includes line plot of UL2 and full drawing of UR1. The gallery maps are all JPG format.

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David Griffith Photo Collection

This is a collection of around 100 photographs from David Griffith's collection. He graciously provided these photos specifically to post on the web site. All of these photos date from before the entrance shaft was built. Most of them are from the middle 1960s up to about 1980. All were taken with film cameras.

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