Trip report by Rick Hines.

On Saturday, Nov 9, after two weather-related delays we finally got the concrete pad poured for the Pic Walenta Memorial shelter house. 

Bill Gee, John McGuire, and Dennis Murphy arrived at my house for an on-time 5:30 AM departure.  Just after 8:00 AM I confirmed our 10:00 AM order for concrete.  We met Eric Eberhart on the road south of Warsaw and arrived at the silo as planned at 9:00 and found Jeff Bowman there.  We quickly got the rebar off the ground about 2” using rocks as Eric set grade stakes.  We removed some of the temporary bracing from the post to allow easier placement of the concrete.  Eric gave us assignments and instructions.   Then we waited, … and waited.  Unfortunately, the first of two trucks didn’t arrive until 12:30.   

It only took 20 minutes to get six yards of concrete out of the first truck and roughly graded into position.  The second truck arrived just as the first was departing and the second batch went down without a problem. By 1:30 we started “finishing” the concrete and by 2:30 we were cleaning up and on the road by 3:00.   John, Dennis, Bill, and I had Mexican for dinner in Clinton before an uneventful trip home.

A very special thanks to Eric for providing the tools and expertise to make this happen!  And thanks to Jeff, Bill, Dennis, and John for their on-time arrival and hard work.

Photos attached. 

I’ll soon schedule additional work days to finish the roof and electrical.  Hope you can help.