The Sewanee Mountain Grotto would like to extend a very big THANK YOU to the Carroll Cave Conservancy for allowing led trips into the cave during the 2015 NSS Convention. What a beautiful cave!

I also want to thank all the CCC members and friends that supported the Carroll trips. From organizing trips on-the-go, doing the paperwork, and dealing with all the chaos late in the week, we collectively got nearly 300 people into Carroll over Convention. Our fellow cavers were incredibly impressed and appreciative of the cave. Several people commented that this was the first time in memory that a project cave was open during the week of convention. Thanks again for a great effort!!

 Bob Lerch

You are most welcome.  We were proud to share this gem of Missouri with the expanded caving community.  We hope everyone had a good time at convention and got home safely.
Jeff Page NSS 45699
Access Chair