CCC Annual Members Meeting


Members Meeting

10:00am Saturday July 20, 2013

Mid County Fire Protection District station in Camdenton

Present at meeting: Officers: Bill Gee, President, Joe Sikorski, Vice President, Jeff Page Treasurer & substitute Secretary. Members: Krista Bartel, Jarrett Ellis, Rick Hines, Dan Lamping, Bob Lerch, Bill Pfantz, Roger Preston, Jed White, Kerry Rowland.

Bill Gee called the meeting to order 10:10.

Minutes of the last meeting – Jim Cooley was not present, Bill said the minutes were available on the website.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report (Jeff Page) Bank balance 6/30/13 $7270.47, CCC is in a healthy financial state assuming our operation continues status quo.

Memberships (Jeff Page) Membership is at an all time low at 49 current members to date. That is commensurate with the reduced number of cave trips, only 5 in 2013. The second half of the year may show some recovery, but usage and membership are on a declining trend. There was a discussion about whether or not we are maintaining the integrity of our trip leader qualification.

Follow up discussions between Terry DeFraities and Jeff Page are needed regarding a regular schedule for silo evacuation equipment training.

Survey (Bob Lerch) In 2012, we mostly worked on finishing side passage leads in lower Thunder and DL7. 2577’ of new survey was added in 2012; no trips yet in 2013 (our first will be after the member’s meeting). Work on side passages in all arms of the cave will continue in 2013. No “good” leads left in that the remaining side passages are small, difficult passages that will likely (hopefully) shut down sooner than later. There are still day trips to be done, but many leads require camping to reach.

Safety and Rescue Terry Defraties absent from the meeting. Bill discussed the January trip to replenish rescue caches in Lower Thunder and finding them to have been destroyed by rising water. Terry to work out solutions.

Biology (Bill Gee) There were four biology project trips in 2012. Things appear pretty stable, except the bat census trip numbers are slowly declining. This might be due to the method used.

White Nose policy (Bill Gee) – Carroll Cave Conservancy follows the guidelines of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding decontamination.

Stream Level Monitoring (Bill Gee) – Two high-water events were recorded in 2012, both in the spring. Full-year graphs are available on the Web site. The data logger batteries are holding up and will not need replacement during 2013.

Conservation and Restoration (DJ Hall) – DJ was not present to give a report.

Web page (Marty Griffin) – Marty was not present to give a report. By email he reported to Bill Gee that the web site is having no problems and costing very little to run.

School house restoration (Terry Defraties) – Terry was not present to give a report.

Lease and land owner relations (Rick Hines) Landowner trips will again take place this year, with Rick taking control of registering the participants to get firm commitments.

MSS (Bob Lerch) Krista Bartel is now CCC’s rep to MSS. She left the meeting by this point.  Bob reported there is no change in our relationship with MSS.

Other topics for general discussion

Life memberships: Discussed among those present. Consensus, we should offer life memberships. Bill Gee and Jeff Page to work out details.

Filing status, 501C3 and Kansas not-for-profit: Rick has registered the silo lease with Camden County. 501 status in process of being restored. Jeff is filing with Kansas Secretary of State as CCC is incorporated in Kansas.

Silo, basement and ladder lighting (Bill Gee) The electrical system in the silo was in great need of repair mainly due to water seepage in the silo. Bill Gee purchased new fixtures and accessories for $115 and worked with Bill Pfantz on June 2 to restore system to safe operating condition.

Fellowship projects – This was an idea floated by Dr. Ashley. Nothing ever came of it and it will be dropped from the agenda for 2014.

Schoolhouse grounds maintenance – There is need of grounds maintenance around the schoolhouse. The main work is trimming back trees along the fence line and running a brush hog. We need to mark dead trees for later removal. Bill Gee to organize a work weekend.

2015 NSS Convention trips: All present in favor of offering trips into Carroll Cave for attendees of the 2015 Convention in Waynesville. Commitments from CCC members and work committee to be formed at next year’s meeting.

Election next year, Bill Gee will solicit a nominating committee in April, 2015. Bill has served two terms and will step down as president.

Bylaws changes – Bill Gee and Jeff Page will submit bylaw changes for a vote at the 2014 meeting.