Members Meeting

10:00am Saturday July 20, 2013

Mid County Fire Protection District station in Camdenton

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Open the meeting – Bill Gee

Minutes of the last meeting – Jim Cooley

Committee Reports

  • Survey (Bob Lerch)
  • Recharge area and dye tracing (Bob Lerch)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Jeff Page)
  • Trip Permit system (Jeff Page)
  • Safety and Rescue (Terry Defraties)
  • Biology (Bill Gee)
  • White Nose policy (Bill Gee)
  • Stream Level Monitoring (Bill Gee)
  • Conservation and Restoration (DJ Hall)
  • Web page (Marty Griffin)
  • School house restoration (Terry Defraties)
  • Lease and land owner relations (Rick or Craig Hines)
  • MSS (Bob Lerch)

Other topics

  • Life memberships
  • Filing status, 501C3 and Kansas not-for-profit
  • Silo, basement and ladder lighting
  • Fellowship projects
  • Skycrapper maintenance
  • Bylaws changes – Bill Gee and Jeff Page

General discussion

Data logger download trip, silo at 3:00pm