Minutes of the

Carroll Cave Conservancy

Annual Board &

Membership Business Meeting

Held at the Camden County Mid-County

Fire Protection District Main Station in

Camdenton, Missouri

July 14, 2012

Open the meeting (Bill Gee)

President Bill Gee called the meeting to order at 10:12.  Eleven members were present.

Minutes of the last meeting (Jim Cooley)

Bill Gee asked if there were any changes or corrections to minutes of the last meeting, which were posted on the website.  There were none.

=== Committee Reports===

Survey (Amber Spohn)

Amber Spohn, reporting for Survey Chair Bob Lerch, presented two updates on line plots and survey statistics.  reported that total surveyed length last year was 18.79 miles, this year the total stands at 19.71 miles.  The survey is 665 feet past the lake room and still going, but it looks like it’s about to shut down in an area known informally as Diarrhea Falls, where the last survey crew stopped in a belly crawl.  There are also leads in the ceiling around the Lake Room, and there is a need to carry a ladder back there.  DL1, DR4 and DR5 are finished.  DL7 leads are grim and getting harder; a team is planning to go back there around Christmas, or possibly Labor Day.  There is one lead under Barnett Hollow going toward the Whirlpool Sink.  If you are interested in participating, call Bob Lerch.  Generally, teams go back to continue the survey whenever they forget how miserable it was on the last trip.  The survey team is about complete with the first sheet of map.  Goal is to have it done by the NSS convention in 2015.  They are drafting now, and will print everything they have.  A discussion followed.

Missouri Speleological Survey

There was a discussion about CCC not reporting to the MSS Liaison, nor attending MSS meetings.  The Board needs to find a new MSS representative.

Dye Tracing (Amber Spohn)

Ben Miller and Bob Lerch are editing their paper on Carroll Cave hydrology for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

Treasurer’s Report (Jeff Page)

Jeff reported that there is $ 7,000.44 in the checking account, with negligible liabilities.  CCC has no debt.  The report was accepted.

Trip Permit system (Jeff Page)
There have been six trips so far this year (through June 30th), averaging 6.5 cavers in the cave per month.  Trips usually pick up in the fall.  There are current 62 members, which is down.  Jeff voiced a special concern about finding people who are willing to do the administrative tasks – we need new blood.  There was also discussion of making a way for members to update their dues online. Members would still have to mail in a liability waver every year, but most supported this idea. Jeff will investigate options.

Safety and Rescue (Terry DeFraties)
Terry DeFraties reported that it was time to schedule a trip to check caches.  The survey team reports that the downstream Thunder cache that had washed away is suspected to be located in the lake room on a ledge on the far side of the lake.  However, it was replaced some years ago with a new one that is chained down to the cave in Jerry’s loft.

School house restoration (Terry DeFraties)
Terry DeFraties said we have enough wood to frame the roof of the schoolhouse.  It would take a huge number of people to do this in a weekend.  Cost of sheeting for the roof should not be that bad.  He would like to get the windows made, so  they can look like the old windows.  We have the door already.

Biology (Bill Gee)
Bill Gee gave a thorough, illustrated presentation on Carroll cave biology projects.  He said that the cave has LOTS of life in it.  Populations are stable, except for hibernating bats in Carroll River passage, the census of which is steadily declining.  Gee talked through several biology trips he’s led, including several with Dr. Ashley.  Some biological samples have been taken for taxonomic identification, but have not been identified yet.

White Nose policy (Bill Gee)
Gee reported that there is no evidence of White Nose Syndrome in Carroll Cave.

Nature Break (All)

The meeting adjourned temporary for comfort’s sake.

Stream Level Monitoring (Bill Gee)
Bill Gee said that there were no huge surprises in 2011.  All monitors still have good batteries, so they do not need to be sent in to be swapped out.  New anchor screws on the still wells are holding up fine.  There was one major spike on March 22 of 11.5 feet at the ladder.  This was after a 4.4-inch rain event; the cave stream peaked the next day.

Conservation and Restoration (No chair)
DJ Hall gave a nice presentation, and a discussion of priorities followed. This is another committee that can help bring new blood to the cave. As the survey winds down, C&R could help fill its place. DJ offered to be the new chair, and it was discussed that he has great ideas outlined, and is willing to work and have open communication with the board. The majority of the members present supported him as new C&R chair. The board was going to discuss this matter further.

Bylaws changes (Bill Gee)
Bill Gee reported that the changes to the by-laws were not completed in time for the 30-day notice period required before bringing them before the membership.  They have now been posted on the website.  We will vote on them next year.  The objective in changing the by-laws is not to change the way we do business, but to codify the way we are already actually doing business.

Lease and land owner relations (Craig Hines)
Craig Hines, who is now an attorney licensed to practice in Missouri specializing in rural land laws, reported that he is taking care of getting our 501c3 and Missouri Tax Exempt statues renewed and all forms filed.  There followed a discussion of the current lease, and getting it filed in Camden County, which we voted to do last year.  We are in the 12th year of a 20 year lease.

Web page
No report.  Marty Griffin was unable to attend.

MSS (Bob Lerch)

No report, as Bob Lerch was unable to attend.  The consensus seems to be that the Board needs to find new MSS Representative.

Life memberships (Bill Gee)
Bill Gee led a discussion of life memberships. There are many that would become life members, and some thought will have to be put into how we would have life members update their liability forms yearly.

General discussion (All)

The lights in the silo basement that run down the ladder were discussed.  They have been broken for some time.  Terry DeFraties said he would look into getting them replaced.  The sky crapper needs maintenance, also some tree trimming needs to be done around the schoolhouse.

The meeting adjourned at 12:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Cooley, Secretary      coolstoi@kc.rr.com (816) 753-8111

Meeting attendees:

Bartel, Krista

Cooley, Jim

Crews, Spike & Isabelle

DeFraties, Terry

Gee, Bill

Hall, DJ

Hines, Craig

Isbell, Andy

Page, Jeff

Pfantz, Bill

Spohn, Amber

Website webmaster:   ccc_editor@carrollcave.org

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