Permit #:  1707-1
Trip Leader name:  Jack Peters

Trip date:  July 1, 2017
Project manager:  Jack Peters
Trip purpose:  Photo/Restoration
Areas of Cave visited:  Upstream Thunder
Trip participants:  DJ Hall, Heidi Fletcher, Zach Schmidt, Angie Stringer, Ian Wilson
Entry Time:  10:30
Exit Time:  4:00
The trip report:  Traveled up thunder river for photo opps and to look for debris.  Went as far as UL2 but did not go to convention hall.  Traveled next to Angel Pool for photos.  Lastly visited Thunder falls.

DJ brought a very bright dive light so we got some good photos.  Found a surprising amount of trash that we extracted from the cave, including a pair of insoles at the bottom of the ladder.

This was Ian’s first cave trip, but he is a strong caver with a background in rock climbing.  I would recommend him for any further trips.

It was a fairly short trip due to constraints of some of the parties.