Report by Jeff Page.

Participants: Martin Carmichael, Jim Cooley, Julie Cottrell, Rebecca Carpenter, George Tengel, Cliff Gill, Rick Hines, Jeff Page.

This was one of those days where the stars were in perfect alignment. The credit goes entirely to our adjacent landowners, Tim and Stacy Brown. They spotted us on the part of their land where Bill Pfantz had kept his trailer, boat, vehicles, and junk. Starting the day we agreed to concentrate our efforts on getting this site cleared and checked off the list.

Bill’s family had come to get the trailer, but left most everything else. Our plan was to load as much as we could onto Rick’s flatbed trailer then haul it off. We knew the trailer wouldn’t hold all the material and we’d have to leave the rest for a future trip. The Browns showed up early on and offered to haul off all scrap metal if we’d get it sorted out and also brought in an old dump truck for us to fill. We filled the truck bed to the brim in the next couple of hours and hauled Bill’s aluminum fishing boat out where Tim could fork lift it out later. We filled the boat to capacity as well. There were still some heavier metal items on the ground after all that was done, but Tim will be able to move those as well.

The non metal material was mostly deemed burnable. Since it was dry and windy this day, Tim said he’d burn it once conditions were better. Now, thanks to our awesome neighbors, we can close the book on Bill Pfantz’s occupation. There is still lumber to move from the schoolhouse and also metal to scrap on our side of the fence. But all involved should agree, we’re much closer to having the site prepped for improvements beginning next year.