Trip date:  6/16/2016
Project manager:  Jack Peters
Trip purpose:  Restroration
Areas of Cave visited:  CarrollPassage, Upstream Thunder
Trip participants:  Robin Bobo, Jonathan Miller, Krista Hughes, Jaclyn Dalby, Josh Bookout
Entry Time:  11:15
Exit Time:  5:00
The trip report:  Went up Carroll passage as far as the water barrier.  Cleaned some features in the beginning of the water barrier and columns just prior to the water barrier.  We did not find the carbide dumps that I had been told were in the passage.

Went up thunder passage as far as UL2 and to thunder falls for photos.

We plugged in the light rope, but when the first person made it to the bottom, they observed that the lights at the end of the rope were shorting out and sparking, so we unplugged.  We intended to bring it out when we left.  We checked at the bottom and did not find any restraints, however when we got to the top, we were unable to bring it out.  I will investigate further on the next trip to find out what was stopping us from being able to remove.  I would warn any other trips not to plug in the light.