Trip Leader Name:  Andy Isbell / Rick Hines

Date of Trip:  3 – 22 – 2012

Project sponsoring trip:  Restoration

Specific Purpose:  Trail marking

Areas of Cave TO BE Visited:  CarrollPassage

List of participants:  [trip-leader] Flash , Redbone , Cave Wookie/Bad Air , Hello Kitty , Criminal Ben , Captain Patric ,Crash Angle , Nathan Tayler , Brian Dexter

Estimated time of entry and exit:  In – 11:00am Out 6:30pm

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3 – 22 – 2012  Carroll cave Trail marking




Cave Wookie/Bad Air

Hello Kitty

Criminal Bin

Captain Patric

Crash Angle

Nathan Tayler

Brain Dexter

C.C.C. 1 , 14 , 374 , 415 , 417 , 418 , 453 , 439 , 454

Bio – 3 Grotto Salamanders. One of those was near the base of the ladder

– 1 millapeed & lots of springtails on one bait stick near boxwork.

– maybe 6 bats setting / flying

– few Isopods at Bio marker past WB

This was just having fun not a real count.

Weather – Rain , Cool , Windy , Gray

Underground – light , Estatic , Echo , Cool

Got started at 11:00 am. All out at 6:30 pm. One thing for sure Thunder river was so high there was no going to Angel pool or down to Thunder falls. The water was so high. At the end of the shortcut to the falls was water. Level with the rock your sittin on. Flash marked it at Noon and then again on the way out. The water dropped about an inch in 6hrs. We figured it was 6ft. from backing up into Carroll passage through the shortcut.

The trail markers looked / worked really good. We marked trail toward Angle pool until we got to the water. Maybe 3 markers were set in that direction. From there we turned around and headed down Carroll passage. For a long ways the trail is already marked. At one spot we moved the trail from going over breakdown to going along the stream beside the breakdown. That’s my kinda cave’n. Path of least resistance. Continued Marking / Checking trail to the Water Barrier.

Brain was ready to turn around here. He was recently sick and didn’t want to go back there by getting wet in a cave stream. Nathain & Cave Wookie walked him out. Thanks to both of you. The rest of the group kept going. 50 minutes past the water barrier to a big pool full of boot sucking mud. looked like a good  place to turn around. All of us were out by 6:30 pm. The rain had stopped and the weather was good. while we were closing down a T storm was getting near so we packed it up and headed to town for mex food and Redbone’s BD. Mark it down 3 -22- 2012 Red bone is 1. Flash and Cave Wookie / Bad Air went on to another cave the next morning In Arkansas. I’m sure they had a great time.