Permit #:  1302-2
Trip Leader name:  DJ Hall

Trip date:  2/9/2013
Project manager:  DJ Hall
Trip purpose:  Restoration
Areas of Cave visited:  CarrollPassage
Trip participants:  DJ Hall 343, Krista Bartel 409, Heidi Fletcher 460, Austen Peters 462, Jack Peters 461, Megan Gruenbacher 464, Kyle Lewis 459
Entry Time:  12:00pm
Exit Time:  5:05pm
The trip report:  The restoration team cleaned up the area around the ladder. Approx 105 pieces of foreign matter was collected around the ladder area. The team then hiked to the Giants formation, approx halfway to the water barrier, and removed human placed mud from a number of formations and attempted to erase the wide elephant trail in the vicinity. A pathway was marked through the area to prevent the development of a wide elephant trail. The team then visited thunder falls and proceeded to exit the cave without incident.