Trip date: 2/20/2010
Project manager: Mike Hartley
Trip purpose: Look trail marking and finish up cleaning in area
Areas of Cave visited: Upstream Thunder
Trip participants: Chris StGeorge, Eddie Simmons, Charlie Rey, Tim Johnson, and Jamie Euliss
Entry Time: 3:00pm
Exit Time: 6:00PM
The trip report: On February 20, Chris St. George, Eddie Simmons, Charlie Rey, Tim Johnson and myself, Jamie Euliss arrived at Carroll early evening on that Saturday. The drop in was uneventful, with everyone making their way down and eventually to Thunder Falls. After some brief enjoyment and pictures, we started to make our way up river to the Convention Hall side passage. Here we would investigate the means of creating a trail up and over the overlook to this beautiful side. After doing this, we would make our way back down to the Carroll Passage a thousand feet or so to wrap up the initial cleaning that was done in this area.

Unfortunately, as we arrived at the Convention Hall side, Tim was feeling some major pain in one knee. This was his second trip to Carroll, but he had undergone knee surgery about seven months before this trip. Needless to say, the cold water hike up river insured him his injuries were not quite healed. With the unfolding of events in this way, a mutual agreement was made to abandon trip and get Tim out safely. Overall trip was under three hours.
Jamie Euliss