Trip date: 22 December 2020
Trip purpose: Photo/intro to Carroll
Areas of Cave visited: CarrollPassage
Trip participants: Terry Sherman (trip leader), Jamie Euless , Andrew Waters, Abby Waters, Ashley Waters
Entry Time: 10:30 Exit Time: 15:30

The trip report: Everyone took a little longer to get lined out, well, the 3 first timers in particular. Everyone entered and exited on pit rope without incident. On our way to the water barrier we stopped at the “best” formation area to take pictures. Immediately past this area we encountered Carroll’s boot sucking mud. As Ashley crosses the mud, as if the cave has possessed her spirit, she states, “I’ve lost my soul! The cave has taken my soul!” Jamie is heard saying, “Oh no, wardrobe malfunction!”

So everyone makes their little dig or shares their similar experience with Carroll. Soon the decision to turn back to the ladder was made. Like a trooper and in part thanks to the baseball shin guards she was wearing she made it back to the ladder with no problem whatsoever. Even joined us in our quick side trip to see Thunder Falls…

Everyone performed flawlessly … well for the most part. And seemed willing to make a return trip to Carroll any time in the future … Surprisingly, especially Ashley…

Report by Terry Sherman