Project manager: Jim Cooley
Trip purpose: Privately owned cave surveys
Areas of Cave visited: Campground
Trip participants: Jim Cooley, Bill Gee, Ken Grush, Seth Colston, Ginny Friedrich
Entry Time: 12/20/2019
Exit Time: 12/23/2019

Cooley, Gee and Grush arrived before dark, Colston well after dark on Friday, 12/20. Ginny arrived 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. We camped for up to three nights. Cooley replaced locks on the road gate and the silo. Both locks are set to the same combination. All the locks were lubed and some penetrating oil was left in the silo for future lock maintenance.

Saturday we surveyed Groundhog Hole Cave (CAM-162) and explored the small Castille Sink Cave owned by the same landowner. Grush and Cooley took the landowners on a tour of entrances to Carroll, Perkins and Joe. Sunday everyone but Grush (he left) started a resurvey in Joe Cave (CAM-022). Friedrich left from Joe Cave in the afternoon. Gee, Cooley and Colston left Monday morning, with Cooley & Colston doing a QC survey at Onyx Mine Cave en route home.

A low spot on the new road was noted and reported to Rick Hines, plus the tendency of the field past the gravel on the road to get soft. The low spot could be ameliorated by collecting several five gallon buckets of fist-sized rocks from along the side of the road and filling in the ruts, which will greatly help whatever gravel eventually gets dumped there. The field was left in good shape, power to the exterior pole worked, and all trash was removed. The gates and silo were locked when we left.