Trip report by Dan Lamping

Trip purpose: Survey in UL2 (Convention Hall)

Trip participants: Dan Lamping
Tony Schmitt
Rita Worden
Kevin Mankowski
Mike Kovacs

Entry Time: 10:00 AM  Exit Time: 7:30 PM

How far: UL2 (Convention Hall)

Biology: 5-10 Cave fish
1 Grotto salamander

The trip report: Our group’s objective was to add cross sections, do some mop up survey, check leads and figure out the relationship between upper levels and the stream level in UL2 in order to make progress on the U1 sheet. We worked in the area between the Pearl Room, the Land B4 Time and the upper level room just upstream of it. We did not quite make it into Convention Hall proper. We split into two teams. Mike, Kevin and Rita mapped a tight side passage marked as a lead on the survey notes from 20 years ago. This was a virgin passage. They mapped approximately 90 ft of new passage. Meanwhile Dan Lamping and Tony Schmitt worked out issues in the main UL2 passage by adding cross sections and filling details where field notes were lacking at points where different surveys met. Aside from one cut around getting mapped that previously wasn’t surveyed, Dan and Tony added no new footage, but clarified several issues which will help make a better map. There will likely be a few additional trips to continue doing the same given the complexity of UL2.

Dan Lamping