Shelter House Work, Feb 25, 2024

Work on the Pic Walenta Memorial Shelter at the Carroll Cave campground continued Sunday, 2/25/24.  Previously I had purchased a large metal tank and a 12-inch diameter pipe to build a fireplace on the south end of the shelter house.  Before the trip on Sunday, with help from Sam Fahrenkrug, I prepared the tank and pipe for easier assembly on site.  On Sunday Bill Gee was conducting trip-leader training so I knew I would have plenty of help to get the tank and flue pipe unloaded.  On arrival, I was pleased to find Nathen Taylor had completed framing the last of the four four-foot walls.  The tank and flue were assembled and centered between the two four-foot walls on the south.  We notched the metal ridge of the roof and anchored the flue to the peek of the roof, with five feet of flue above the roof.  The fireplace is now ready for use.

We now need to get the oak siding up on the four-foot walls and build a masonry wall around the firebox.  Does anyone have concrete blocks of bricks to donate?

Trip report by Rick Hines