Cave visited: Carroll Cave
Area Visited: Campground
Permit #: 86
Trip Leader name: Rick Hines

Your Name: Rick Hines
Phone: 9137101063

Trip date: 2023-10-22

Trip purpose: Cut grass, Select storage container, Pick up oak lumber

Trip participants: Rick Hines
Kristen Vogel
Marty Griffin
Jack Rufener

Entry Time: 11:00 Am

Exit Time: 6:00 PM

MCKC Publish: Yes

How far: 0

Injuries: no

Trash: Cleaned up silo and campground

Biology: none

The trip report: Work trip, Carroll Cave Campground, Oct 22, 2023
A day work trip to the Carroll Campground was planned with three primary goals:
1. Cut the two-foot tall grass,
2. select a shipping container and pick a location for it, and
3. pick up oak at a sawmill near Montreal for siding the shelter house.
Sunday morning, Kristen Vogel and I departed my house early, loaded with more plywood, tools, her large string trimmer, and pulling my trailer and riding mower. We met Marty Griffin and Jack Rufener at Duncan’s Container Sales in Camdenton. Jack is Vice President of MCKC. There were about eight used 20-foot containers on the lot that we inspected. We selected two that were in the best condition and rust red color with minimal lettering and other designs that would need to be painted over. We then drove a few miles to Sawmill Services near Montreal and met the owner, Jason Balance. Jason used his fork truck to load the oak we had purchased on my trailer. Jason was interested in our project and asked if he could come out in the afternoon and see what we were up to.
Jack, Marty, Kristen, and I drove on to the silo. Marty and Jason worked primarily on installing ceiling lights in the shelter house and Kristen and I worked on cutting the grass. Kristen, using water from neighbor Rusty’s spigot, thoroughly washed down the silo’s concrete floor. Please help keep it clean!
Jason and a friend drove up and I took a break from mowing to give them a tour. They were impressed with the view down the shaft through the 6” lock hole. We discussed other caves in the area that Jason knew of. He also offered to try to help with a steel tank for a firebox for the shelter house.
Before departing, we walked the 1.5-acre fenced campground to select a spot for the container we thought would be best. At home, I generated an aerial view showing the proposed location for the container which MCKC has now approved. Unfortunately, the two containers we selected turned out to have been sold. I am working with Duncan Sales to get another red container delivered as soon as one is available.
It was a pleasure meeting Jack and he was a great help. I hope to see him and others from MCKC more directly involved with Carroll in the future.
Report submitted by,
Rick Hines

A ground view of the proposed location of the 20 foot shipping container. Photo by Jack Rufener.
Overhead view – proposed location for 20 foot shipping container. Drawing by Rick Hines.