Trip report, Pic Walenta Memorial Shelter, Work Weekend, Nov 17-19, 2023

I was truly impressed with the hard-working, skilled crew I had last weekend at Carroll. They were not only productive but fun to be with.

From November 17th through the 19th we worked at the Carroll Cave campground on the Pic Walenta Memorial Shelter. The crew consisted of Rick Hines, Jim Cooley, Bill Gee, Bill Copeland, Mike Kovacs, Candace Kovacs, Tristin Whetstine, John McGuire, Peter Schnegelberger, Jack Rufener, and Kevin Feltz. Everyone took an assignment and worked in small groups, accomplishing all of the critical tasks I hoped to accomplish and more!

A 20-foot shipping container was delivered Friday and we got it set and wired for the storage of our new electric lawn mower. In addition to wiring the shipping container, we ran power to a second post-mounted RV hookup. We finished the oak board and batten siding on the four 8-foot window walls. I had purchased sufficient oak to finish the four 8-foot walls and a lean-to shelter but since we purchased the shipping container, we no longer needed the oak for a lean-to. We started the construction of four 4-foot walls for each of the corners on the two 20-foot ends that we will cover with the oak siding. These walls will stiffen the structure and help block the wind. Kevin repaired the steps to the sky crapper. John built shelves for the back of the shipping container and Candace built a picnic table and benches. We cut all the remaining thorn bushes and locust trees, cut the grass, transplanted several cedar trees and planted an oak tree.

Time lapse video of the container setup. Video by Bill Gee.

We still have a few items for the next work trip. We need to finish the siding on the four four-foot walls, add lights and switches in the shipping container, install paneling on the inside of the shelter house walls, and finish the cleanup.

A special thanks to Bill Copeland for donating the funds to purchase the shipping container.

Rick Hines
Here’s a link to photos from the Nov 17-19 Carroll work weekend.