Trip purpose: Bio and cave/passage knowledge … photo

Trip participants: Jamie Euless
Charlie Rey
Terry Sherman
Mark Kershey

Entry Time: 10am

Exit Time: 4pm

Biology: 1 ringneck snake
2 grotto salamanders
23 cavefish (always one at a time)

The trip report: 25 degrees when I left and 27 when I arrived just over an hour later, 8:10am. Part of our group had suffered different ailments and all contacted me the previous day, leaving us with 4. Carried in gear and a small propane heater. Opened hatch and before I even got on my seat harness that I had laid out the silo started to drip, closed hatch. The rest of the day, in and out, we kept the hatch closed whenever possible and had a relatively minor amount of dripping. I (Terry) was the first in and last out. Told the group about how high the debris pile was from creating the shaft. The first time I entered the cave from the left side of the passage, before crossing over to where the ladder is now, you used to see the angel. With your dim carbide lamp all you saw was the white “column” making the torso and the white arch of stalagtites forming the wings, so it appeared that an Angel was floating in the black void of the cave.
We continued to the Second Azure Pool and I tried, unsuccessfully, to not share to many stories, names, memories. It was photos and fish. After sooo many intro trips to the water barrier and back, upstream Thunder was an awesome break, and I was very pleased to see 23 Cavefish during the trip (just counted on the way in, if you were wondering).
We got out barely before dark and by time we left the silo it was fully dark around 6:15, as we talked quite a while about our trip.