The Stream Flow Project is complete for 2020. The ZIP file linked below contains all of the raw data along with graphs.

There was only one major flood in Carroll Cave during 2020. That flood occurred on 12 January. The stream level at the ladder reached about 12 feet, and below Thunder Falls it reached almost 21 feet. Other minor floods happened throughout the spring, and there was one minor event in October.

The attached ZIP file contains four kinds of files. Graphs of all the data are present in both PDF and PNG format. The PNG files are higher resolution and should let you zoom in to a moderate level of detail.

The raw data from the loggers is in the .hobo files. These files can only be opened with HoboWare Pro. There is a free version of HoboWare Pro available for Windows computers only. It is on the vendor’s web site at:

All data from the raw files has been extracted to CSV. These files can be opened with any spreadsheet, database or text editor. Each .hobo file has a matching .csv file.

In addition, I created CSV files that contain exactly one year of data. They have “RawData” in the file name.

Water depth is a calculated value based on the pressure difference between the barometric data logger and the loggers in the water. The formula is

(water pressure – barometric pressure) * 2.0373

The constant 2.0373 converts PSI to depth in feet.

If you have any questions about these files, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.