2016 was a pretty boring year for the stream flow project.  There were no major flood events in the cave.

2015 ended with a major flood, reaching 24 feet in Thunder River.  The effects of that flood lingered over to the first two days of 2016.  By January 3 the river was back down to normal levels.  Aside from that, Thunder River reached 4 feet for a day in early July, but otherwise stayed below 2 feet for the entire year.

A major problem showed up with the rain gauge data logger.  I did not get any data for the year except for a few days in early January.  Every time I visited the cave I tried to download its data, but never was successful.  In January 2017 I installed a new battery, which I do every year.  The old battery was still very good.  The only cause I can think of is that maybe I did not get the logger launched in January 2016.  There is no way to verify that.

After replacing the battery in January 2017, the logger launched and reported valid numbers for status.  I will continue to check the logger every time I visit the cave in 2017.

The linked file contains .hobo files, which are the raw data downloaded from the loggers.  There are TXT files that can be loaded into Excel.  I also included both PDF and JPG versions of the full-year graphs.

Bill Gee