The Stream Flow Project for 2014 is complete.  No unusual changes in the river levels were seen.

Data is only available for the first 6 months of 2014.  Sometime after June 2 the battery in the barometric pressure logger failed.  As a result there is no barometric compensation data for the second half of the year.  Without that data, the readings from the loggers in the stream are not useful.  The graphs show only January through May.

Data from the rain gauge logger for the perion from July 26 to October 26 was lost.  I know I downloaded it, but I cannot find the download files anywhere.

The ZIP file attached to this posting contains the following items:

1) All .hobo files for 2014.  These are the raw files as they come off the data loggers.
2) TXT file extracts from the raw data files, suitable for import to Excel or other applications.
3) PDF files of the graphed data.
4) JPG files of the graphed data.

The manufacturer has released a free version of their HoboWare application.  This is the program which interprets .hobo files.  Go to this Web site:

and click on the “Download for Free” button.  Note the System Requirements list at the bottom of the page.  HoboWare requires Oracle Java runtime version 1.7.

2015 activity

The four loggers in the cave were pulled out on January 10 and sent to the manufacturer for battery replacement.  The cost will be a bit over $500 for all four loggers.  I expect to have them back in a few weeks.  They will be reinstalled as soon as possible, probably in mid-February.