Update – This event has been canceled. It will be rescheduled to some future date.

From Shannon Robinson:

We have confirmed a date for the Orientation/Familiarization, including Cave Entrance with the MCFPD. It is June 3rd, at 8am. The plan is to meet-and-greet and show the Volunteers of the Mid-County Fire Protection Department (MCFPD) how to access the Site, Silo and Cave. Introduce them to the operation of the Winch, and other safety measures in place. We will awe them with Maps of the Cave. Those that want to can also experience a trip down into the abyss of Carroll Cave. We will entertain 2 groups of MCFPD and other Institutions associated with them (those that MCFPD would call-in to help them) throughout the day. One group of 15 in the morning, and another group of 15 in the afternoon. We will provide Coffee, Hot Choc, Donuts and Bagels to our Volunteers. This is a Rain or Shine event. If it rains, we will address parking then. The goal is to acclimate them to the site and introduce ourselves to each other.

In addition, we are planning a CC Site Work Day for June 2nd, at 10am. So you can come help do some much needed work around CC, and if you like, camp in our soon-to-be-famous Campground. Then after a fun night around the Campfire, you can join us for the above June 3rd extravaganza! Everybody bring a Communal Dish and we will eat like Kings!! Please check out the CCC Campground Rules on the Website if you are camping. The Famous Sky-Crapper will be in operation. No water is available on site, so plan accordingly. More on the Work Details to follow, as we near the date.

We are looking for Volunteers to help with both days. Please let me know if you can attend either day or both. My email is parahelp2006@sbcglobal.net.

We are also looking to borrow any Harnesses you are willing to share for this event. Please let me know so someone attending can get them from you and we can make sure we have enough on site.