Trip report by Rick Hines

Saturday, I attended the MCKC’s 30th Anniversary at Carroll Cave where Alex Litsch, president of Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy, and I signed the deed (PDF attached), donating the Carroll Cave Conservancy’s real estate to MCKC. This marks the end of my long involvement with the CCC but not my involvement and passion for Carroll!

I formed the CCC January 22, 1998 to open a backdoor into Carroll since the natural entrance had been closed by the owner. By November 2000 we had drilled a nine-inch pilot hole, 120 feet to the T-junction in Carroll. On July 28, 2002 at 3 minutes passed noon, I had the honor of jackhammering out the last few inches of rock and being the first person to enter Carroll thru the Backdoor! Since then, we have obtained seven acres of land and over 515 acres of cave rights around the shaft. Our surveyors have mapped over 21 miles of passage making Carroll the third longest cave in Missouri.

Thirty years ago, I was one of the founding members of MCKC and I am now happy to contribute to their effort of Preserving and Protecting Missouri’s Karst Resources.

Photos attached

Rick Hines

Adele Ayers (left) and Kirsten Alvey-Mudd. Photo by Rick Hines.
Doug Feakes (left), Don Toole and Rick Hines. Photo by Rick Hines.
MCKC members enjoying Kirsten Alvey-Mudd’s cooking. Photo by Rick Hines.
Kirsten Alvey-Mudd (far left) helps serve food. Photo by Rick Hines.
Kirsten Alvey-Mudd shows off her veggie flipping skill. Photo by Rick Hines.
Left to right – Don Toole, Doug Feakes and Alex Litsch. Martin Carmichael is in the background. Photo by Rick Hines.
Doug “Digger” Feakes. Photo by Rick Hines.
Tony Schmitt. Photo by Rick HInes.
Martin Carmichael watches as Cathleen Yung prepares to rappel down the shaft. Photo by Rick Hines.
Don Toole. Photo by Rick Hines.