Trip date: 2020-02-15
Project manager: Rick Hines
Trip purpose: Site Work and MCFPD Site Visit
Areas of Cave visited: Campground
Trip participants: Shannon Robinson, Martin Carmichael, Krista Bartel, Tim Delk, Kellen Delk
Entry Time: 10 am
Exit Time: 3 pm

The trip report: Krista Bartel, Martin Carmichael and I, spent the day Saturday working on the SkyCrapper. The goal was to place it up on bricks and attach the steps. It is now operational. Despite it being frozen to the ground, we figured it out. Our concern is that it will settle this spring so we made the steps self-supporting to prevent damaging them or the SkyCrapper. Many thanks to Krista and Martin for changing there “Fun” plans at the last minute to work on a shit house.

TIm Delk and Kellen Delk arrived Sunday morning to inspect the electrical work on Site. He did a very thorough inspection and found several items of concern.

MCFPD arrived on site Sunday morning to go over the upcoming training events. He was impressed with the maps of the Cave and a little concerned at the mere size, in relation to doing a Rescue. I was able to show him where our Safety Caches are at in the Cave in relation to common trips into the Cave. He is taking this training very seriously and is reaching out to other institutions to be involved.

Repairs were made to the Picnic Table.

A new Bakers Rack Metal Shelf was setup in the Silo.

Inventory was taken of the Safety Cache in the Silo and of the Silo contents.

Locked All Locks.

We should consider changing the direction the Gate opens to be towards the pasture. Parking on the street to open the gate, on a blind hill top, is dangerous.