On 3/14/22 Jay and Nick Kennedy rode down to the silo with Rick Hines to re-stake the location for the Pic Walenta Memorial Shelter House. Previously Jim Cooley and Rick had staked out an area but we decided to try to find a flatter location and one that would not interfere with hauling packs from the shaft with a pulley system and a vehicle. The new location is just south of the fire ring and near the power pole. Using a transit, we staked multiple possible locations trying to find a relatively flat spot that would not be in the road. We selected one that looked the best and staked the location for eight posts that will support the roof. The 24 by 20-foot area is angled relative to north to provide the flattest area to work with. The cedar trees Rita Worden planted will someday provide a nice windbreak.

I had previously arranged to meet Randal Fredrick and we met him on the road as we drove in. Randal will grade the spot and haul in and spread river gravel for a base for the concrete pad. Randal followed us to the silo and I explained what we have in mind. As soon as the post holes are drilled, I will let him know and he will get started.

Rita Worden also arrives shortly after we did. She worked with the trees she planted last year. She located several more of the oak trees previously planted. She flagged and placed tiles on the ground to help locate them. Our new fence will protect them from the longhorns.

Rick Hines