Trip report by Spike Crews
Project manager:  Bob Lerch
Trip purpose:  Survey Leads
Areas of Cave visited:  Upstream Thunder
Trip participants:  Derik Holtmann, Kyle Mann, Jeff Crews
Entry Time:  10:00
Exit Time:  19:30
The trip report:  I made it to the silo around 9 AM and met up with the folks going in. We broke into two teams. Kohl Mitchell, Ben Geisert, Logan Dowd were going down stream and we were going upstream to work on leads. We made a detour to the start of the Apparition Ave passage to show Kyle the entrance. I couldn't remember if there was still an old tarp in the passage for placing over some flowstone to manage mud in that passage, so I asked Kyle to see if it was there and bring it out. Kyle found the tarp wrapped up and pulled it out of the passage. We took it to the river to wash it off a bit and stashed it to take to the Round Room on our exit.

We continued up to two small leads near the breakdown barrier(UR4 and UR5) each were surveyed with a few shots. I took the opportunity to do an in-cave calibration while the team surveyed and took a look at the beginning of UL7. This is a cool side passage that is obviously the original phreatic conduit for Thunder River, much like UR1.

After the second lead was knocked off, I took a peak at the sketchy side passage on the south side of the breakdown barrier(there appears to be more flow here than the other side) and the others took a look at the old end of the cave. We exited and I had the others lead out.