Affiliate Organization Annual Report 2008

Name of Organization: Carroll Cave Conservancy

Mailing Addresses:

Bob Lerch                        or                 Rick Hines

407 Maplewood Dr.                             16525 Orchard Ln.

Columbia, MO                         Stillwell, KS  66085

Organization Officers

Board of Directors

Randy Bruegger, Chairman

Bob Lerch, Vice Chairman and Survey Chairman

Rick Hines, Treasurer

Jeff “Spike” Crews, Secretary

Mike Hartley, Director and Restoration/Conservation Chairman

Marty Griffin, Director and Webmaster

Bill Gee, Director and Biology/Hydrology Chairman

Jeff Page, Director and Access Chairman

James Helwig, Director

Publication #1 Name: ____Not Applicable____________________________________

Schedule and Location of Meetings: Annual meeting is held in July or August at the Mid County Fire Station, 148 North Hwy 5, Camdenton, MO

Frequency and Date of Elections:

Board of Directors serve two-year terms; terms are staggered to prevent turn over of the entire Board; elections are held every other year

Conservation Work in 2008

See the CCC website (http://carrollcave.org/) for reports of conservation and biology related trips in 2008. Contact Bill Gee if interested in participating.

2008 Survey

There were six survey trips in 2008 from which we added 4584.4 ft of new survey to the books. This brought the total surveyed length to 90,736.6 ft (17.18 miles) and estimated passage length of 83,957.3 ft (15.90 miles). We have now surpassed Mystery Cave for third place on the Missouri cave length list. The figure below shows the annual history of survey progress and caver participation.