CCC Survey Trip Report

Email from Bob Lerch regarding surveying activities Dec. 3-4, 2004


[ed. note:  Surveying in the Carroll River passage has been approved by the Biology committee for certain times of the year.  I assume the main concern at this time of year would be hibernating Grey and Indiana bats.  The Biology and Surveying committees work closely together and I’m sure will report soon on data that has been gathered during these recent surveying activities.]

A few had asked, so I thought I would let everyone know about the outstanding effort this past weekend. Four of us went in Friday (12/3) night for the weekend and another 5 people joined us Sat. morning. On Sat., we had 3 teams of 3 that leap-frogged in Carroll River passage. We got about 3200′ on Sat. alone, and the camp team got another 700′ on Sunday, for a total of 3900′ for the weekend. These were the biggest one-day and weekend footages by far in over two years of mapping. We are now less than 1000′ from the Mountain Room, and in just three months we mapped ~8500′ in Carroll River. In addition, we busted the 40,000′ mark! Thanks to everybody that participated in these long, hard trips. Carroll River gets a break, and we will be heading back to our Upper Thunder leads for a while. We have been discussing starting Lower Thunder at some point in the not-to-distant future. We could really use some additional help to get the the third borehole started, though, so please contact me if you have an interest in surveying. Lastly, we are canceling the January survey and will start up again in February.

Happy Holidaze,
Bob Lerch
Survey Project Chairman