Permit #:  0912-2
Trip Leader name:  Jamie Euliss

Trip date:  12/27/2009
Project manager:  Mike Hartley
purpose:  Continue Cleaning Area between ladder and water bearier
Areas of Cave visited:  CarrollPassage
Trip participants:  Zach Copland, Eddie Simmons, Josh Simmons, Jamie Euliss
Entry Time:  2:00 pm
Exit Time:  7:00 pm
The trip report:          On December 27th four of our members made it to Carroll to go on a short Resto Trip.  Our goal was to continue the cleaning of formations we have started just before you get to the Water Barrier from the ladder.  There was some concern about the roads and the little climb to the silo due to some weather, snow, a couple days before. This turned out to be no problem though. Our participants were Zack Copland, Eddie Simmons, Josh Simmons, and myself, Jamie Euliss.  We got to the silo, around one o’clock, just in time to see all of the mapping crew gearing and about to enter for their five day adventure Down River around DL7. We all shared a few excited comments and jokes. Then they were in.

We geared and entered the cave about two o’clock. Being a Small group and not planning to spend a whole lot of time in the cave this time, we took one backpack sprayer with gear along to the area. We do have three sprayers up and running now. Last time we hauled up the two needing a small amount of repair above ground and have them running. It was not too long of a hike to our destination, and we were there.

We continued the cleaning and keep removing age and human impact from the area, here mostly human impact. There is a very muddy hole just on the other side of this area and from people going through that, plus taking a look at the white formation, it has impacted the ground.  We cleaned quite awhile, carrying many loads of water to the spot. We took pictures of what was being done and think It will look very nice when finished. The ground right around the formation area has been marked off with some orange trail tape for the time being.  What was really nice to see was the floor coming clean, revealing nice white flow stone underneath the pretty thick layer of mud. We spent about three hours in the area.

Having a new younger member, Josh Simmons, in the cave for the first time, we again had to go check out Thunder Falls.  The water was up and pouring over a lot faster than the month before. That should have been good for our mapping friends heading around DL7. No trip to me is really complete without checking out Thunder Falls.

We then all headed back to the ladder.  I jumped on rope first. I Carried out a white bucket full of a few old sponges and now useless stuff to be gone through.  Last man out was Zach around the time of 6:30 or 7. Even though previously mentioned, be careful entering and exiting the door of the silo when cold and freezing…  All made it out safely and was a productive trip.