Survey Report – December 7. 2002

Initial report by Tom Panian-

First off Ron, I want to apologize for turning in a muddy tape. I do so much sketching I don’t even think about it anymore and Jesse didn’t know any better. Mea culpa, mea culpa. Next time I will be a little more aware. The clino light stopped working and was unreadable with the duct tape. So we had to unwrap it.

We mapped a ttl of 715′ (w/ a 260′ loop closure. Should be interesting to see how tight it is. I think it will be good) and were underground for a ttl of 14+ hrs. I figure the Round Room is about 3/4 done. We flagged all stations as I was unsure of what to expect down the road. In reality only four need flagging (for tie ins). When it is done all but those can be pulled. Wasn’t sure what survey designations I should use, so I used RR and RRP (a bad choice on my part, the 2nd one could have been RR12A, 12B, 12C, but I did not realize it was such a short spur).

A couple things of note: 2 carbide dumps were found and a buried garbage pile was dug up. Ben, Brian and I were able to remove most of it but there are still 2 rusty cans remaining. (I was afraid it was burritos). The dumps I did not mess with. Also 3 bat skeletons were found and  flagged.

Personel: I had some difficulty making the switch form 1″=20′ to 1″=40′ but after 3 or 4 hrs I adjusted. Also I had some to make some tactical adjustments for mapping it. Once I adjusted, things started moving a lot smoother. Brian and Jesse did well. They had some instrument difficulties (expected) but after 4 or 5 stations they were on the #s (don’t tell them I said that, they might think I was happy with them) and I only had to make the call on readings a couple times. Jesse had some difficulty understanding what I wanted in LRUDs but I think she got it by the end. As the room was so big there was a lot of down time while I sketched and they both (together) were setting stations. A couple times I had to redirect the survey. (again, expected) In summation I can only say I was happy with both (and satisfied with the survey we did) They worked hard. They will learn. They want to learn. The last thing is, I called the survey at 12 hrs when they hit the wall. I could see it in their faces, they were ready to leave the cave. In time,  their durability will increase.

I am going to try and scan the sketches into the computer and send them via e-mail. (I make no promises) I will also send hard copies via USPS.

TOM Panian