Permit: See permit for survey crew.
Leader: Bob Lerch, (survey work) Randy Bruegger (radio work)
date: Dec. 6 2003
Assessment: Carroll Passage
participant1: name 1Jeff Page
participant2: name 2 Peddgie H.
participant3: name 3 Randy Bruegger

TimeIn: 1:45 PM
TimeOut: 4:30 PM
Damage: No


Purpose of Trip Cave radio training and testing.


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Sat. Dec. 6 2003 on surface near entrance shaft Jeff, Peddgie and I set up the cave radio to do some hands on training. At about 1:45 PM Jeff and I dropped the pit to take half of the radio to a location in the cave near the entrance shaft. After setting up the radio with Jeff I went top side to work that half of the radio. Both the voice and the locate systems on this radio worked very well. After doing three locates with one a blind test and all with in a one foot dia. Jeff came up about 4:30 and we all went to town for supper and a beer. Set up late by the camp fire to keep it going for the survey crews. They came out about 4:00 AM Sunday morning.


None noted Randy B