Permit #:  1711-1/2
Trip Leader name:  Jack Peters

Trip date:  11/18/2017

Project manager:  Jack Peters
Trip purpose:  Photo
Areas of Cave visited:  CarrollPassage
Trip participants:  Alex Buzicky, Ian Wilson, John Gosling, Zach Schmidt, John Thoennes, Josh Bookout
Entry Time:  11:00
Exit Time:  5:00
The trip report:  Olivia Schmidt, Heidi Fletcher, Eric Thiesson, Austen Peters were not able to make it to the cave for this trip.

We went up Carroll passage, stopped at the soda straw room for photos.  We made our way to the water barrier and stopped again for photos.  Lastly, we went to Thunder Falls and again got some great photos.

We replaced the light string that goes down the entry.  Josh was of the opinion that lowering the string and having the string pick up the weight of the 120 foot drop could be what causes the lights to fail quickly.  We tool the entire spool into the cave, and as we climbed out, we un-spooled the lights and fastened them to the ladder before too much weight caused stress on the lights.  Hopefully, this will allow the lights to last longer.