Survey Trip Report

Date: 11/08/2003

Leader: Matt Goska
manager: Ron Lather
Assessment: Upstream Thunder
participant1: Dan Lamping
participant2: Roger Brown
TimeIn: 12 p
TimeOut: 1:30 A

Damage: Yes

Survey in UL3

Ben Miller gave us a lead somewhere in UL3, so we went and surveyed it. We went in with 1 lead, and came out with 3. The small passage was pretty much the same all the way through, with dry sandy/dusty floors and lots of undercuts and bridges. We got somwhere around 270′ of survey done.

20 cavefish were counted on the way up to UL3 in Thunder River.


Carbide dump (caplamp sized) about 100′ upstream of lunch area near UL4. Very fresh, as there were chunks in the dump that still could have been put into a lamp and burned.