Permit:             0511-1a

Leader:             Michael Freeman

date:               11-05-05


Assessment:         Downstream to DL7

participant1:       Michael Freeman

participant2:       Jeff Crews

participant3:       Andy Lerch

participant4:       Rita Worden

participant5:       Roger Brown

Time In:             11AM Sat

Time Out:            12AM Sun

Rescue Supplies Used: No

Date:               Monday November 07, 2005

Time:               11:23 PM


Survey in lower thunder


We had four goals on the trip; Spike’s water samples, to see what it is like to go downstream, pack in camp gear for the December camp trip and surveying in lower Thunder River. Our trip started with Spike’s water samples. We spent 45 minutes around the ladder and T-junction collecting the water. We then started the trek down stream.

When we got to Thunder Falls we climbed the ledge going to the new ladder. In the following order Andy, Rita, Roger, ME, and Spike we crawled the ledge. In the middle of this ledge there is a steep spot with a hole at the bottom. When I got to the steep spot my pack shifted and I slipped. I slid down the slope towards the hole. I was unable to stop, I then found myself rolling on the lip of the hole like a basketball on the rim, and I only thing I could say was “Oh”. I then fell 16 FEET down to the stream and went SPELUNK in the water. Spike and Roger could only look in horror as I slid and then fell. From Spikes view I fell almost headfirst. However, I landed on my side in the water. As soon as I hit the water I jumped up yelled “OKAY.” I then walked down to the ladder where Andy and Rita were. I then told them what happened. I did not receive any injuries from the fall, we the CCC got REALLY LUCKY. I am very unhappy with the new ladder location.

Since I was okay I decided to proceed with the down stream trip. Spike and Roger had poly on so they hiked in the mud. Me, Andy and Rita had wetsuits on and we floated in the water. Going down stream in a wetsuit is the best way to travel downstream. We made good time to Jerry’s Cairn. We met Bob and the other team. I dropped off my camping gear.  We broke up into 4 teams and surveyed for 3 1/2 hours. Then our group left the camping team to head out.

As we were coming out I stopped to look at where I fell. When I fell I was pumped up, so it did not seem so bad. When I looked the second time, the water I fell into was only knee deep and the hole was at least 16 feet up. And all I could think about was; I am one lucky SOB.