Permit #:  1009-2
Trip Leader name:  Jamie Euliss

Trip date:  oct 2, 2010
Project manager:  Mike Hartley
Trip purpose:  To continue and rap up cleaning in area.
Areas of Cave visited:  CarrollPassage
Trip participants:  Eddie Simmons, Josh Simmons, Charley Rey, Andy Johnson
Entry Time:  10:00 am
Exit Time:  4:00 PM
The trip report:  Oct 2, 2010,

Eddie Simmons, Josh Simmons, Charley Rey, Andy Johnson, and myself Jamie Euliss arrived at the Carroll entrance right around 10:00 on Sunday morning. After getting in the silo, we all geared up with a few conversations of other caves we had all went to. Not a bad morning for gearing up, none of us froze. Our basic purpose of this trip was to continue and rap up some of our cleaning we have been doing just before the Water Barrier.  We have been cleaning there the past few trips of the year, showing some good results.

We all had no conflicts on the way down.  We checked over the resto gear at the entrance.  Grabbed a few buckets and went on our way. While in the area we made a better trail through this area out of natural things from the cave.   It is really cool what is on the floor of Carroll.  Interesting stuff that has been covered up by splashed mud and normal ageing. We stayed in the area approximately three and a half hours. We did have a newer member with us that had good caving knowledge of different cave systems. We took him the rest of the way to the Water Barrier. There we took a few pictures and turned around.

At the Entrance we ran into Rick Hines, and Bill Gees group they were leading the land owner appreciation weekend trip.  Two of us went from there to see the Angel Pool, Charley Rey and Myself. Neither of us had been there. It was a really nice place. We took a few pictures and turned around going back to the entrance. All Cavers were out at 4:00. We talked around the entrance with some of the other Carroll Cavers at the silo a while and we left.  It was a good trip.